(Topic: Environmental accounting and sustainability development in Nigeria)

Details of the operational framework and heuristic model of environmental accounting and sustainability development in Nigeria.



1. Account Receivables

2. Account Payables

3. Accrual

4. Asset

5. Accumulated Depreciation

6. Bank Account

7. Bank Overdraft

8. Bill Payable

9. Cash and Cash Equivalents

10. Computer Software

11. Copyrights

12. Current Asset

13. Current Liabilities(within 1year)

14. Current tax payable( Unpaid Tax)

15. Customer Lists.

16. Deferred…

Top 10 source documents in accounting

What is source documents?

Source documents are the first source of information from which the accounting books are prepared. A source document is the document in which data for a transaction is collected. This is the supporting document that is used when recording journal…


This is the total amount your employer pay to you as salary including all benefits arising from employment.

This can be inform of wages, salaries, allowances including benefits in kind, gratuities, superannuation and any other incomes derived solely by reason of employment.

All manner…

In the crypto world, airdrops are a giveaway new project use to attract a crowd. Airdrop is a free token given out when you perform some given task. It is a promotional initiative to boost the awareness of the blockchain project. …

Adverbs described verb. Be honest, accurate and selective with the numbers of adverbs in your resume. Here is the top 100 list adverbs keyword below of the most frequently used adverbs in resume.

  1. Accurately
  2. Actively
  3. Aggressively
  4. Ambitiously
  5. Analytically
  6. Angrily
  7. Aptly
  8. Artistically
  9. Assertively

Top 100 list of Adverb Keywords for Resume | Ohimaiconsulting.Com

There are basic assumptions which underline the preparation of financial statements of business enterprise. There are stated below:

  1. Going concern concept: accounting assumes that the business will continue to operate for a long period of time. In other words, it means continuity in business or Continuity Assumption.

The continue preparation…

  • Audit Trail

Audit trail is a set of accounting documents that authenticate the transactions you record in your accounting books. It provides evidence that transaction has occurred. During audit, source documents serve as back up for accounting journals and ledgers. Every business owner, are responsible for recording the company’s transactions…

Cryptocurrency exchange is a trending word in google trend today (cryptocurrency exchange — Explore — Google Trends).

A venture where we have big investors (Top 5 Bitcoin Investors (investopedia.com) and institutional investors are moving towards investing massively into cryptocurrency big time.

The point of exchange should be easy for everyone…

The presentation revealed to us

What is bank reconciliation statement?

Step-by-step way to prepare bank reconciliation statement.

Bank reconciliation statement without adjusted cash book.

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